Performance test of integrated FirePath


30. May 2015 by Michael Wowro

I did a basic performance test for my favorite test-automation workflow with an integrated FirePath. I distinguished two phases: duration to start the Firefox Browser and duration for executing a very typical testprogram against a common website. And here are my results:

performanceTest FirePath

The starting of a WebDriver-driven Firefox with an integrated FirePath costs in average about 20 seconds more than the starting of a “naked” Firefox. In contrast the execution of the typical testprogram doesn’t show a significant difference in velocity. The few seconds difference are maybe caused by performance differences by the webserver of the tested website, anyhow not significant …

To say it very clear: 20 seconds more in the starting phase is nothing compared to the time we spend to navigate a different Firefox (not the driven Firefox) until we finally reach the point of disturbance and finally start to debug the xPath there. So enhance your test-automation workflow with an integrated FirePath!


One thought on “Performance test of integrated FirePath

  1. autumnator says:

    Same can be said of other add ons one may wish to include besides FirePath. At a minimum one should include Firebug, unless they can prefer the native FF developer console over that.

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