Monthly Archives: January 2013

  1. Dreamteam: Selenium WebDriver and FitNesse


    18. January 2013 by Michael Wowro

    This year’s fantastic Hackathon at in Berlin, offered me a productive environment (Club-Mate, pizza and really nice talks to …
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  2. Installing FitNesse on Windows


    17. January 2013 by Michael Wowro

    FitNesse is a promising test tool, implementing the Specification by example-approach. Installing it on Windows works like a charm: 1.) …
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  3. Getting started with Selenium WebDriver in Java on Windows


    14. January 2013 by Michael Wowro

    Note My personal opinion is, that Java is the most popular programming language in the Selenium project. There are generelly …
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  4. Skillset of a Selenium Engineer


    10. January 2013 by Michael Wowro

    Note This article is dedicated to show an approach, how to find the optimal skillset of a Selenium Engineer, based …
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