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23. November 2012 by Michael Wowro

As blogs are an important part of the Selenium ecosystem, I’m glad to present you the “ALL Selenium Blogs”-list and newsfeed:
ALL Selenium Blogs

Don’t forget to twitter, share, +1, blog, email, post … about it. It’s THE Selenium blog list and furthermore a really useful Selenium news channel – maybe some of your friends don’t know yet: Share me

This blog list produced a great resonance in Selenium Users (the official mailing list):!topic/selenium-users/MHdyOFgb25U. I also use this thread as kind of wish-list/change log.

The list

The list provides some orientation in terms of relevance. This is on the one hand done by sorting the list by Alexa Page rank. It’s also done by not showing all blogs out there. Anyhow I’m not quite sure about the proper criteria for the latter yet. One criteria might be: at least three articles with relation to Selenium. Another might be: last Selenium article within the past 2 years. I’m open for suggestions … You can check the Alexa Page Ranks manually:

If you’re missing a blog on the list, please don’t hesitate to contact me:
Thanks to Ross Patterson for great additions to this blog list.

The newsfeed

Assessment of the blog-quality is up to the reader. It’s not at me to filter a blog/an article based on quality. If you don’t like a blogger, topic, …, use the filter mechanisms of your feedreader, e.g. the Message Filters in thunderbird. All blogs of the list supply the newsfeed – the only filtering I’m doing, is to omit articles, that aren’t written in English.

There are two advantages of using the newsfeed. First, you don’t have to subscribe to every single of the >35 blogs. Second, you stay up to date if a new Selenium blog appears – it will soon become part of this newsfeed. Anyhow there are still some open issues for me to fix with the newsfeed, as some bloggers use RSS2.0 and some use atom. So e.g. some articles still show “ALL Selenium Blogs” as the author, …

Some uninteresting backgrounds
As Google Search isn’t providing an API for getting the position of a page based on a search key, I’m measuring the relevance of a Selenium Blog with its Alexa Page Rank.
There’s a way to access the Alexa-API without registering:
I’m not quite sure, how many request per IP per hour are allowed and I don’t want to do that proxy stuff for this issue …
So I registered here
On my way, I helped Alexa-people with providing a template for calling the API with PHP on webserver:
My PHP script queries the Alexa page rank of the Selenium blogs daily via cron.

Doing the syndication part with ingenious yahoo pipes: Be happy with cloning and adapting the “ALL Selenium Blogs”-pipe to your needs.
@bloggers: if you’re using this newsfeed on your own, there’re three sources of delay between publishing an article in your blog and this article jumping in your feedreader. First, especially if your blog is hosted, it takes some time until your article is in your(!) blog’s newsfeed. I’m using the URLs in the “Feed URL”-column to pull the articles from. Second, yahoo pipes doesn’t run continuously ( -> “First one …”). But fortunately, you can in deed speed up that part by just clicking on that link Third, your feedreader doesn’t pull continuously – the pull frequency is up to your setting.

Using mysql.
Source of feedburner-icon:–755.html


2 thoughts on “ALL Selenium Blogs

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  2. Keep Software Testing Weird – blog has got some useful info. for selenium users. Feel free to add this blog,if you find any useful content over there.


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